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How to Search the Online Catalog

The catalog is the computerized list of the books, movies, and other materials owned by the Roanoke Valley (VA) Libraries. The catalog is available online and you can locate material on specific topics by performing subject, title, and author searches. The RVL Catalog does not list newspapers or journal articles but these can be found by searching the Library's databases under the Research tab located near the top of our website. 

If you would like detailed help on how to use our online catalog Click Here.

The Libraries use the Dewey Decimal Classification System to group books, audiobooks, and music CD's together by subject on the library shelves. The call number displayed in the Item Information tab corresponds to the number on the label on the spine of the books, audiobooks and CD's.  You can search the online catalog from any computer or mobile device with smart phone technology.

Online Book Resources

Organize Your Reading

  • GoodReads is a free website for book lovers. Catalog what you have read, are currently reading and plan to read. Also, browse other people's bookshelves and reviews.
  • Library Elf is an Internet-based tool for keeping track of what's due, overdue and ready for pickup. Keep track of library accounts and receive reminders before items are due.
  • LibraryThing is an online service to help you catalog your books. It also connects people with the same books and comes up with suggestions for what to read next.  

Reviews and Recommendations

  • BookBrowse recommends the best recently published books and provides you with everything you need to decide which are right for you.
  • BookSpot is a free resource center that simplifies the search for the best book-related content on the Web. Featured sites are hand-selected by editors.
  • KDL Recommended Reading Lists is a collection of booklists and series titles, including a category for "If you like this author" then read another author who writes similar types of books.  The booklists are created by the Kent (MI) District Library staff.
  • What Should I Read Next? will analyze their database of readers' favorite books and suggest what to read next based on a title or author that you enter
  • British TV Shows: Check out this list of BBC dvd's in our collection. You"ll be glad you did!
  • Steven's Best of Horror Movies:  Steven knows horror pictures and here are his recommendations!

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